Saturday, September 26, 2009


I want to update my old site. I want to bust out some new wallpapers, a music-vid, screenshots, the whole shebang. But. There’s this time issue. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of it these days. I’ve always been the sort of person to rush whole-heartedly into things, to throw myself into projects. You know how it is.  Something captures your fancy, and all of sudden it becomes your A-number-one priority. This happens to me… often.


Some Past Kate Fads:

Weather: that old rainfall collector is probably still measuring precipitation out there somewhere.

Vocabulary: that one time when I tried to memorize the dictionary.

Beading: bracelet-orama

Many Others: most... better left unmentioned. 

Anyway. I had my “half-birthday” last month.  The big, universally celebrated, milestone two-oh-point-five. And I figure it’s about time I left the stop-and-go obsessions behind me. 

Time for some moderation, nothing to excess. I'm going to pace myself.

I know I know....

It’s like you don’t even know me anymore. 

Oh! And that pic at the top? That’s Pete Duel as Andy Rice in Cannon for Cordoba, one of my favorite Duel characters. ;D And no, I don't think all of my blog pics will be of Pete... but then again, who'd complain?

“Remember, hombre, it’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees.” –Cannon for Cordoba

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So. My first little corner of the Internet was back on my fansite for Alias Smith & Jones.  Which, actually, is still up and kickin’ out there in cyberspace.  Whenever I happen by that ol’ familiar webpage these days, I’m always surprised to see how many hits the site still gets (unsophisticated graphics and all! ...but hey, I was 14 years old!). And as I’m cruisin’ through those wallpapers and music vids, it occurs to me that maybe some people, somewhere, are wondering: what on earth ever happened to that Kate girl?!

Did she lose interest?
Did she move on?
Did she fall off the face of the planet?
Did she move herself right off the electric grid?

And the answer is… actually, I dunno.  One day you’re spending your afternoons catchin’ up on Cannon for Cordoba or practicing your best Briscoe beady-eyed look in the mirror – and the next? Well. Y’know how people are always saying how fast time flies by? Turns out, they’re right.  High school got pretty busy, and then college.  And yet.  I still love AS&J, still love Pete. (duh!) But times have changed a lot from back when I worked on my AS&J site.  Those days were before the advent of the trendy blog, the twitter, and even the Facebook was still pretty new. And then I think, this is the way of technology today.  Easy come, easy go. 

So, following this line of thought, I've decided to step back up to the computer, flip the power switch back on, and plug myself back into the grid.

In other words, Kate is back.

Stay tuned.